Mr & Mrs K – MG TF 135 Underbody Restoration

Mr & Mrs Ks lovely Royal Blue (JFM) MG TF 135 came in for an MGFnTFBITZ under body renovation package.
As you can see she was somewhat tired underneath before the restoration began.

The preservation consisted of:

Main floor cleaned up, spot rust treated / zinc primed / painted and powder coated tray fitted
New stainless underfloor pipes with new clips secured with stainless bolts
Subframes stripped back to bare metal, rust treated, zinc primed, painted and internally waxoyled
Existing wishbones in good order and painted / reused
‘Red option’ powder coated mounts / anti roll bar / braces fitted with all new bolts & some new suspension parts
Reconditioned 4 pot AP calipers fitted with new 304 discs to improve braking

Customer Review:

Darren and team, you have done an amazing job of preserving the old girl for another good number of years.
I can not believe the difference in the handling of the car after refurb, thank you and looking forward to
having the next phase of work done on the old girl 👍👍