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MGFnTFBITZ is your one stop shop for all things MGF MG TF LE500

So why use us? As a small family business, MGFnTFBITZ has a passion for the MGFs & MG TFs, specialising in these models means that our knowledge and experience is outstanding, taking huge pride in what we do and treating every car as if our own, means we are the one stop shop for all repairs, diagnostics, MOTs, services and renovations.  With full workshop facilities, we have the benefit of speed and convenience of having all parts on the shelf, no waiting for parts to arrive or return visits due to insufficient stock, basically here at MGFnTFBITZ our ethics are Care, Honesty, Efficiency, Transparency and Reliability.

Services available at MGFnTFBITZ… we offer repairs, servicing, hydragas refill  top up / pump up, hydragas replacement, suspension upgrades, welding, head gasket replacements, cam belts, cooling / brake upgrades, diagnostic checks, 4 wheel alignment, subframe replacement, MOTs, waxoyling / under sealing, renovations and restoration work along with a plethora of new, used and reconditioned parts with spares from engines, skimmed and pressure tested cylinder heads, gearboxes, suspension parts, soft ride kits, reconditioned nitrogen filled hydragas hydrolastic spheres, tyres, wheels, brakes, clutch, exhausts, fuel pumps, windscreens, new mohair convertible hoods with glass rear screen and new / good used body panels and bumpers in various colours including some in MG monogram paint. 

For comprehensive renovation work we can ready build new subframes with all new suspension / brakes to your specification incorporating bright powder coated colours on mountings, bracketry and braces to make your car that bit more special whilst also giving that bit of extra protection at the same time.  With values rising, the MGF & MG TF will be a future classic.

Our weekly blog on MGFnTFBITZ Facebook page features the many variants of work we do throughout the week and provides interesting reading and plenty of pictures showing how your car can look as good underneath as it does on top once it has been through the MGFnTFBITZ workshop.

Comments on one of our recent posts detailing an MG TF underbody renovation

“I could eat my dinner off that it’s so clean”
“Bloody hell mate, that is one beautiful car. The work under the car is stunning”
“Looks brilliant. I think it’s about time I got up there for a chat about mine!”
“Stunning, hopefully one day mine will look like that”

MGFnTFBITZ Underbody Treatment

With people travelling far and wide for this service, Sweden and France are amongst some of the European locations and all corners of the UK, we offer a collection and drop off service at our local train station or airport to make your journey easier.

Here at MGFnTFBITZ we buy scrap cars, accident damaged vehicles, unfinished projects and MGF MG TF MOT failures for cash and have a nationwide recovery service available to collect promptly.   Some cars are too good for us to dismantle, so we renovate and return them to the road, saving as many MGFs and MG TFs as we sensibly can.

Cars for sale at MGFnTFBITZ benefit from refurbished powder coated wheels, new tyres, new hood and our 3 day comprehensive underbody and subframe renovation packages. You will not find an MGF or MG TF for sale from any other seller detailed to the levels we go to here.